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What We Do at HCDC

HCDC seeks to facilitate the practical use of data by city and community leaders for decision-making and capacity building in Houston’s disadvantaged communities. Through the support of the Houston Endowment, we serve as a local data intermediary and provide a cluster of data and research services to the community.


HCDC Dashboard

We created the HCDC Dashboard.  a robust online dashboard that provides multipurpose community profiles with a wide array of neighborhood-level indicators highlighting disparities and other local issues.

HCDC Gallery

By creating interactive visuals such as graphs, charts and GIS maps, we make complex data easy to understand and accessible. Those rich visuals show the story in your data and help you share insights.


Data Analysis

Our staff are well trained in the field of analysis and report writing. We examine data to discover trends and findings that are useful for decision-makers.

Research Design

We collaborate with researchers from a wide range of disciplines to determine the best method to examine questions of interest.


We conduct trainings and workshops that show how HCDC and other datasets can be used to strengthen your organization’s decisions and mission-oriented programs.

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Houston Endowment
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Kinder Institute for Urban Research

Email: hcdc@rice.edu

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  Bioscience Research Collaborative (BRC)
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