TThe HCDC dashboard is a free, online tool that provides neighborhood-level information to help researchers and residents better understand our city. You can either map one indicator for all of Harris County at the neighborhood level or visualize indicators for a specific neighborhood via the Community Profile.
HCDC dashboard uses Community Tabulation Area as neighborhood boundary. Community Tabulation Areas (CTAs) are developed by the Kinder Institute’s researchers to serve as approximations of the neighborhood areas. The CTAs in Harris County contain between 1 and 29 census tracts with a median of 4 census tracts. Click here to learn more about how we develop the CTAs. Download CTA shapefile.
The HCDC dashboard provides a wide variety of indicators including demographic, education, housing, crime and safety measures. Click here to read the full list of indicators.
HCDC updates its data within three months whenever new data is released.
Please use the following format: “Houston Community Data Connections, Kinder Institute for Urban Research, version 1.0”
As a registered user you can access additional indicators and tools (e.g. compare tools, etc.). More login-specific indicators and features will be added in the future.
Yes. This site is designed to be compatible with most Web browsers and accessible through mobile devices, but we recommended using the full desktop version of the site.

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