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A spatial survey of low-income households in Houston’s Fifth Ward during COVID-19.


Fifth Ward Business
The Fifth Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation provides services to local businesses. To help better understand the needs in the community, the HCDC team created the charts and map below based on the data they shared with us.

Overall, the data shows that there’s a lot of strength in the Fifth Ward community. People are proud of sense of togetherness, Fifth Ward’s history and culture, as well as the development they’ve seen in the community. Local business owners have loyal customers and a strong relationship with community members. People would like to see more educational programs, restaurants and coffee shops and health facilities in the neighborhood.

Altogether, there are more than 1600 businesses in the area with ZIP code 77020 and 77026. Many are small businesses with fewer than 10 staff members. However, the sales volume varies significantly, from less than $100,000 to somewhere between $20-50 million per year. Some businesses are comfortable where they are, while some seek help reaching out to one another in order to grow.

What are you most proud of about 5th ward?
What do you wish people knew more about this community?
Besides a grocery, what types of businesses would you like to see in 5th Ward?
Size X Sales Volume
Number of Employees
Charts 1- 3: Intercept community survey conducted at the Lyons Avenue Renaissance Festival at Fifth Ward CRC in April 2017.
Charts 4-6: Local business data for ZIP code 77020 and 77026 (as of January 2016) from North Houston Economic Development Corporation.